“Nick Cave: Mercy On Me”: a Graphic Novel by Reinhard Kleist

I met Berlin-based cartoonist and writer Reinhard Kleist through my work with the Carlsen publishing company. Apart from being a great guy he is an awesome illustrator. He is currently working on a graphic novel about Nick Cave, who spent quite a lot of time in Berlin.

Reinhard has published a bunch of acclaimed graphic novels including Berlinoir, Cash – I see a Darkness and Der Boxer. He is now set to bring his unique style to the story of Nick Cave. You can follow the progress in his blog Nick Cave Comic. As Nick Cave endorses this project it is bound to be amazing. Here is a selection of artworks from the forthcoming graphic novel courtesy of Reinhard Kleist and publisher Carlsen.

Source: Reinhard Kleist, Carlsen
Source: Reinhard Kleist, Carlsen
Source: Reinhard Kleist, Carlsen
Reinhard Kleist, Carlsen

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