Winnie the Pooh reimagined as a Robot by Carlos Dattoli

Winnie the Pooh was is one of my favorite children’s books. I loved the stories about him and Tigger and the others (didn’t care too much about Christopher Robin). If you’ve ever asked yourself: How would Winnie the Pooh and his friends look like if they were robots, well, here is the answer courtesy of Mexican artist Carlos Dattoli.

“The idea came up because when i was a little boy, McDonald’s in one of their happy meals, gave some hamburgers toys, cups and fries, that you could turn into robots, and as a kid I remember loving those, even though they were very simple, so one day this idea got stocked in my mind, and I had to do it! and mix two things with nothing in common, and this is the result!”, explains Carlos Dattoli.

Take a look at his project below and check out his portfolio.

Credit for all pictures: Carlos Datolli, License




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